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Conventionally, medicines that control blood pressure (BP) during operation and in ICU administered by doctors and nurses.

Existing Technology


No system commercialized across the world for automated control of blood pressure either during surgery or in ICU.

First system likely to be commercialized for automated control of hemodynamic (blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output).

Earlier research produced automated control of only low blood pressure with single drug.

CLAPS can control low and high blood pressure along with heart rate- multiple drugs.

Currently physician changes the doses of drugs delivered through infusion pumps to control/ optimize high and low BP in operation theatre and ICU.

In CLAPS, a computer with an algorithm will control the medicines and their dosages delivered through infusion pumps in ICU/ operation theatre.

Objectives: To design closed loop automated blood pressure control system 



 Safer Delivery of haemodynamic drugs during operation and in ICU.

Better monitoring of patients in ICU

Better documentation of events and drug charts in critical patients